Milwaukee Artists X Light The Hoan

Shop Merch from Some of Milwaukee's Most Talented Artists

Artist: Emma Daisy

Dear MKE,

My name is Emma Daisy and I am a proud Korean American artist and muralist based here in Milwaukee! I mostly paint plants and girls. Much of my work is done in studio at Var West Gallery and on walls across the country. I love to create with my hands and spread joy through my art! 

I’m excited to be part of this first mini capsule collection of artist designed Light The Hoan products that showcase each individual style, celebrating the diversity of our beautiful city. MKE is a great place to live and work–the creative potential here is far and wide! I get to see the Hoan from my home in Walkers Point every night and the shimmering lights and colors are one of the coolest additions to the lake front skyline. I love that you can take a little piece of that shimmer anywhere you go with this collection! 

Love always,


Artist: Ryan Butts

To the City that birthed me,

You have so much talent and so many doors to knock down. So many faces, yet still very segregated. So much grit, but so much beauty. You’ve tore me down, and you’ve built me back up.  Even when the world being a tough place for people that look like me, You’ve given me the strength to succeed. You’ve given me the strength to overcome, and you’ve made being in uncomfortable situations and places, opportunities to grow.  

I’m proud to call you my home.

You’ve birthed a real one.

Ryan Butts

Artist: Whitney Anderson


Thank you for letting me call you Home for the past 10 years, for showing me all of your hidden gems and wonderfully talented people. Thank you for letting me foster my creativity and grow my career as a designer and artist, and for bringing me into such an incredible community. I love that even after 10 years I’m still finding out new things about you, finding new places to eat, drink, and explore. The person I’ve become is largely inspired by you, Milwaukee, and I cannot wait to grow old here.

-Whitney Anderson

Artist: Bigshot Robot

Hi Milwaukee, 

My name is Dave. I’m a graphic artist and my studio Bigshot Robot is in Bay View.

The Hoan bridge has always been an iconic part of the skyline. My favorite drive into the city? Atop the Hoan bridge heading north, in the evening when the city’s lights welcome you in. Lights pouring from the windows at night is a sort of sweet dreamy evidence of life. As the bridge too glows, it reminds me that I am here, the city, home.
Now imagine this…each building in Milwaukee’s skyline is a character and the collection of buildings downtown are a bunch of buddies hanging out. That’s my inspiration for creating the Hoan Bridge character, “Hoanie.”  He’s here to bring joy and spread light! 
Have a good day!